Type II Tactical Assault Pistol

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This Type II phaser pistol was placed into development shortly after the Wolf 359 Incursion. Its focus was to provide Federation Marine and elite Starfleet ground units with a weapon that could self-modulate its frequencies against Borg.

By 2381, the TAP (as it was later known by the tactical operations community) sported other updates/options, like special power cells that had emergency reserves, laser sights, rubber grip attachments, torches, and a convertible field kit to transform the TAP into a carbine rifle.

TAPs also were given swap-out emitters for pulse-fire capability. It was with this particular upgrade that most Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) adopted the pistol and its rifle conversation kit as their premier and number 1 preferred weapon of choice.

With the Borg threat neutralized and Gamma Quadrant forces removed from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the TAP has slowly seen integration into the fleet itself. The TAPs will eventually replace the standard Type IIs by 2390.

Power Settings

Like all Federation phasers designed and built before it, the TAP has 16 different power settings.

1. Light stun
2. Medium stun
3. Heavy stun
4. Low thermal effects
5. High thermal effects
6. Light disruption effects
7. Moderate disruption effects
8. Medium disruption effects
9. High disruption effects
10. Extreme disruption effects
11. Slight explosive/disruption effects
12. Light explosive/disruption effects
13. Moderate explosive/disruption effects
14. Medium explosive/disruption effects
15. High explosive/disruption effects
16. Extreme explosive/disruption effects

Beam Width Settings

1. Standard Laser Beam (Energy Stream)
2. Pin-Point Beam
3. Wide Arc Beam
4. Narrow Arc Pulse-Fire
5. Wide-Arc Spread (Beam and Pulse)

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