Enlisted Training

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Enlistment offices are all over sectors within Federation Space. Simply make an appointment at one of these offices, apply, take the Starfleet Aptitude Test (SFAT), and then your recruiter will make suggestions for which Military Occupation Specialization (MOS) you should go into.

Your MOS has a basic school to attend after you graduate Basic Training (BT). So most enlisted personnel will not see a fleet assignment for almost a year after reporting in for BT.

Those not citizens of the Federation will need a command-level reference to enter service.

Basic Training
Basic Training is on the enlisted campus of Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco - Earth. Training lasts around 12-16 weeks and focuses on basic space survival skills, Starfleet and Federation history, rank structure, chain of command, first aide, basic damage control, basic combat and firearms, and EV suit operation.

Physical training and drill goes without saying and learning to perform under Battle Stations is engrained upon the recruit so that when they graduate to become crewmen, they are legit members of Starfleet.

Military Occupation School
Those that did not choose an MOS when they signed their enlistment contract are labeled Undesignated and are given basic Boatswain training for a few weeks at the enlisted campus of Starfleet Academy, San Fransisco - Earth. Then they join the fleet.

Undesignated typically wear the red department color as pilots and command officers do, but once they finally choose (or the MOS they wanted has a spot open in their MOS School), they will then wear the proper color and report to said school.

Most other MOS schools will last 2-6 months (Security, Science/Medical Techs). Engineering, special operations, and advanced schools of corpsmen can last close to 2 years, due to the amount of scholastic and practical training required for their trades. The schools are also spread around the Vulcan Sector (Spec Ops - Andor, Corpsmen - Starfleet Medical..).

Once a crewman has passed the Military Occupation School they were contracted for, they are given their first fleet assignment.

Advanced Training
Those seeking to rise in the enlistment ranks and make chief will look to advanced school in their field (if available). For Corpsmen, this is Independent Duty Officer School. Security has K-9 Handler and Investigator schools. Science and Engineering fields require college degrees to advance.

Those seeking to be a chief in their department know continuing education is a big part of impressing the officers of your command. However, leadership training is also encouraged if enlisted wish to be shift leaders of their group.

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