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Federation/Cardassian War (2340's - 2367)
This was a low-intensity war for the first 10-15 years. Much like the modern-day Afghanistan/Iraq wars, it was highly divisive with the Federation citizens.

Most of the conflict was ground-based and towards the end, the Cardassian Union forced the Federation into attrition warfare until a ceasefire was established in 2366. And an armistice was officiated in 2367.

Borg Incursion (2366 - 2367)
This was the first known attempt of the Borg attacking the Federation. Many of the relay stations along the Andor System were taken out in an attempt to hide the invasion.

The Battle of Wolf 359 is the most famous and most disastrous defeat Starfleet faced in the conflict. Eventually, the incursion was repelled by intervention of the USS Enterprise.

Klingon/Federation War (Started Fall of 2372 and Ended Spring of 2373)
During this time, Klingons declared war on the Federation due to the Federation refusing to support Klingon actions against the Cardassians. This was a bloody 6-month war in which the Klingons aided the Maquis with weapons to use against the Cardassian Union.

The war ended when Starfleet assets proved to the Klingon Empire that there were changlings infiltrating their government.

Battle of Sector 001 (2373)
This was the second known Borg attack on the Federation. It repelled easily with the aid of the USS Enterprise, but the ship had to chase an escaping Borg sphere into a temporal wake where the Enterprise had to stop the Borg from preventing First Contact with the Vulcans.

Dominion War (2373 - 2375)
Due to the ruling powers of the Beta and Alpha quadrant colonizing parts of the Gamma Quadrant without the Dominion's consent, the Dominion sought to conquer them. There were many important events to happen, but the most important takeaways were these:

* Before the end of the war, all but the Breen united with the Federation to defeat the Dominion.

* Section 31 also came out of the shadows to introduce an illness meant to kill the Founders. In doing so, staff on DS9 found a cure for Odo, and he, in turn, offered to save his race if the Dominion's top Founder general surrendered. Thus, ending the war.

Destruction of Mars (2385)
This was a Romulan false-flag attack in which the Federation believed AI attacked their Mars colony and decimated the Utopia Planitia Fleetyards.

GM Note: While we acknowledge this event, our Sim does not wish to go in the dystopian direction ST:P went. So... We will reference the attack, but the ramifications that occurred in ST:P will not be acknowledged.

Hobus Incident(2387)
This was the day the Romulan Star Empire lost their sun, their homeworld, and many of their colony worlds crushed due to a devastating supernova.

GM Note: For the purposes of our Sim, Hobus is gone, but as Trek XI stated, altering events in the past, created a different timeline. So.. JJ Trek is an alternate timeline, while we are in the Prime - where Vulcan is still very much standing.

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