Created by Lieutenant Commander Dayar on Mon May 17th, 2021 @ 7:17pm

What year does the Sim take place in?

Can I play an Officer?
If there is a slot available, and it is your main Playing Character, then yes.

How many NPCs can I create?
All players are allowed a Main Character, 1 PNPC, and 3 NPC characters. Any characters beyond your main, must be either enlisted or warrant (depending on the role/department).

Can my character bring children aboard the ship?
It depends on age, maturity, and available space. There are no family living quarters, so the CO would have to authorize VIP quarters - which would be unfair to the enlisted and other officers.

The child would have to be old enough that they could be self-sufficient enough to be left alone for about 3-4 hours minimum. And the circumstances for a child coming aboard would also have to be extraordinary (I.E No one to look after them).

We do not want Full House in Space, which is why we chose a small ship with mostly enlisted housing. This sim has more in common with M.A.S.H. and Down Periscope, situation comedy-wise. So this is what we want applicants to consider most when creating characters for the Sim.

What uniforms are we using?
For the moment, First Contact era but ICly we will be phasing into a version of Star Trek Online's Odyssey Uniform (wiki links to come later).

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