USS Brie, NCC-76919    [ View Specifications » ]
Bridge   The brain of the ship, the bridge of the USS Brie was designed to be small and compact, yet efficient with space.
Ready Room   This is the CO's Office on the Brie.
Briefing Room   Unlike other ship classes, the briefing rooms on Hardee-class vessels are designed to be more like classrooms. This way multiple types of meetings can be done here.
CO/VIP Quarters   This is the premade module for CO and VIP quarters found on the Brie
Department Head Quarters   Department Head quarters are similar to the officer quarters but have a few differences in space and layout.
Hydroponics Bay   Here, fresh produce and herbs are grown for the ship's galley.
Sickbay   The medical center of the ship, Sickbays on Hardee-class vessels are made compact and effective.
Mess Hall   Hardee-class ships share a few similarities to the Intrepid. The mess hall is 1 such place.
Drone Operations Center   This is the room where the drone jocks run intelligence gathering, combat, and research missions.
Enlisted Quarters   These are the quarters Starfleet's backbone stays in. Small, but comfy - as is the Hardee-class ships' reputation.
Officer/Warrant Officer Quarters   A step up from the enlisted quarters, these living quarters are designed to be bigger and for single inhabitants.
Astrometrics Lab   This room is the brain center of mapping new warp courses and anomalies, as well as logging new planets and systems.
Library   This is a room where many personnel and civilians come to do mission research or just get away from all the noise. Any doing long-distance learning for university degrees tend to spend many hours here as well.
Main Engineering   This is another area of Hardee-class vessels mirrored after the Intrepids.
Shuttlebay   This is the shuttlebay for Bire. She is a two-deck, stacking barn for several shuttlecraft.