The Sim

Brie is a Sim that strives to tell the classic stories of Trek, but aims to do so with comedic flare. Taking inspiration from Down Periscope and Lower Decks, our goal is to encourage a fun atmosphere that is far less dystopian and more hijinks.

The Crew

The type of characters we seek for this Sim is flawed but skilled, and mostly enlisted - due to the fact we are a small ship.

On Brie, everyone is a rifleman, everyone is a fireman. This means that civilian contractors as well, learn to cross-train in the event of a ship emergency. It is for this reason that children are discouraged from living on the ship.

Hardee-class vessels are pseudo-warships with amenities intended for the crew-only. So there isn't a daycare system and there aren't any family-living quarters designed for the ship.

The Missions
The type of missions we do is no different than what you see on the shows, except we have a more comedic-focus approach.

Time travel mishaps, diplomatic mission snafus, and territory disputes. All the Trek stables can be found here, we assure you... Just expect some slapstick and tomfoolery along the way and through the perspective of mostly young officers and enlisted folks.