Departments & Positions

  • Command (Primary Manifest)

    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.

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  • Starfleet Admiralty (Series Regulars)

    These are Starfleet's top brass. Some we like, some we hate. Some... meh.

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  • Flight Control (Primary Manifest)

    Responsible for the navigation and flight control of a vessel and its auxiliary craft, the Flight Control department includes pilots trained in both starship and auxiliary craft piloting. Note that the Flight Control department does not include Fighter pilots.

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  • Security & Tactical (Primary Manifest)

    Merging the responsibilities of ship-to-ship and personnel combat into a single department, the security & tactical department is responsible for the tactical readiness of the vessel and the security of the ship.

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  • Logistics Division (Primary Manifest)

    The Logistics Division is responsible for everyday functions not covered by other departments. Such duties include supply requisition/procurement, computer systems/network maintenance, housing assignments, and whatever else is necessary to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency.

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  • Engineering (Primary Manifest)

    The engineering department has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything.

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  • Astronomy Department (Primary Manifest)

    Due to the limited size of the Hardee-class ship, along with the mission scope the ship has, map cartography-related sciences are the only facilities the Hardee possesses. As such, the department is largely responsible for keeping Stellar Cartography updated on any new planets, anomalies, nebulas.

    The Astronomy Department also tracks long-range plasma/ion storms that could potentially hit along the ship's flight path.

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  • Medical (Primary Manifest)

    The medical department is responsible for the physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting the common flu. Run by the senior corpsmen, this department focuses mostly on preventative care and stabilization protocols - unless the EMH is needed.

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  • Department of Drone Operations (Primary Manifest)

    The best joystick jocks in the fleet, drone pilots of Hardee-class frigates are trained to gather intelligence from the safety of the Drone Operations Center of the ship.

    They are the primary offense for the ship, in lieu of the ship's limited firepower. Drone Operations is also largely depended upon by Stellar Cartography for discovering new flight paths.

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  • Civilian Affairs (Primary Manifest)

    Civilians on Hardee-class frigates almost always fill a specific role on the ship. While the ship has nice amenities, they were specifically designed to make long flight tours away from home more bearable for small crews.

    As such, very few children are allowed to board/live on the ship since Hardee-class ships lack proper family-living housing and educational facilities. The few civilians who live aboard tend to fill supplemental roles like chef, barber, or the Starfleet PX (shop) manager.

    Military contractors are also granted berthing on the ship to oversee test trials of technology made by their company.

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