Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Bridge, Ready Room, Sensor Array

Deck 2

Briefing Room, CO's Quarters, Armory 1, Workout Gym, Laundry Services, Subspace Communications Center

Deck 3

Department Head Quarters, Chief of the Boat’s Office, XO’s Office, VIP Quarters, Ship’s General Store, Barber Shop, Holosuite, Event Meeting/Dining Hall, Hydroponics Bay

Deck 4

Sickbay, Morgue, Galley, Mess Hall, Food Storage Bay, Fore Airlock, Drone Operations Center, Counselor’s Office, Office of Logistics

Deck 5

Transporter Room 1, Transporter Room 2, Enlisted Quarters, Holodecks 1 & 2, Fore Droid Launch Bay, Torpedo/Probe Storage Bay, Auto-Load Torpedoe Systems/Launchers

Deck 6

Cargo Bay 2, Enlisted Quarters, Armory 2, Power Distribution Center, Drone Repair Bay, 2x Fore Torpedo Launch Tubes

Deck 7

Cargo Bay 1, Junior/Warrant Officer’s Quarters, Brig, Convertible Basketball Court/Swimming Pool, Aux. Computer Core, Cargo Bay Transporter

Deck 8

Computer Core, Deflector Control, Deflector Dish, Starboard Airlock, Ventral Sensor Array, Communications Array, Fabrication Center

Deck 9

Upper Engineering Level, Aft Shuttle Bay (Upper Level), Astrometrics (Upper Level), Deuterium Storage, Library

Deck 10

Main Engineering, Aft Shuttle Bay (Lower Level), Astrometrics (Lower Level), Auxiliary Systems Control, Machine Shop

Deck 11

Antimatter Containment Unit, Warp Core Ejection Assembly, Fusion Reactor, Waste Reclamation, Aft Landing Struts

Deck 12

Tractor Beam Emitter, Plasma Relay Room, Fwd Landing Struts