Lieutenant Commander Dayar

Name Dayar

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/4th Vulcan, 3/4th Deltan
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dayar is by Deltan standards, a typical, healthy specimen with a slightly muscular build in the shoulders and thighs. Some do remark that her pale-ivory skin can sometimes seem a bit sickly. However, this is because she does not get out in the sun as much as she used to.

The few unmistakable features that make her stand out are her bald head, her preference for the Starfleet tactical vests, and the silver hormone suppressant bracelet she wears on her left wrist. She also tends to wear a holstered Type II tactical assault phaser pistol on her left hip.

Many perceive her to be a bit aloof given her expressions are generally carefree and/or more curious than most people tend to be in any given situation. However, when Dayar does need to be serious, most people can tell almost instantly in the outward appearance and are quick to pay attention.

Off-duty, and inside her home, she wears nothing or stays in her undergarments. As Deltans prefer no clothes in their homes, she too is the same.


Spouse Hurley (49)
Children Bixs (14, Male)
Father Kybby (84)
Mother Lilert (Half-Vulcan/Half Deltan, 83)
Brother(s) Hulpyn (Brother, 41)
Other Family - Indur (50, Former Partner)
- Tyvok (Maternal Grandfather, Vulcan, 122)
- Nimlin (Maternal Grandmother, Deltan, 103)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Deltans are known to be pranksters, but Dayar tends to take this beyond normal tolerance levels with most people. This is because she loves the thrill of catching people unawares. It is an attribute that has gotten her into a lot of trouble with many postings, yet it’s also been appreciated in many situations too. Depending on who you talk to - she’s either adored or loathed for her shenanigans.

Over her long career, Dayar has learned to balance these playful impulses, but some of her past prank targets have a long memory and thus, tend not to look at her as a serious command officer, whenever command slots open up.

For Dayar, she believes a relaxed atmosphere yields far better results than yelling at people - more so at postings most people have no desire to be in longer than they’re ordered to. Her positive attitude, as a result, tends to inspire most of her subordinates.

However, Dayar is also known to be snarky and sarcastic with people who do not show her any respect. She generally reciprocates others with how they treat her. This has halted her command path progression more than once - among other incidents that have colored the way she is viewed by Starfleet Command admiralty.

As a parent, she tries her best to give her child the support he needs but her long hours and non-family-friendly postings have not quite yielded the results she had hoped. Still, when Bixs is about, she moves heaven and earth to make time.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Energetic
+ Decisive
+ Strong Mathematic Skills
+ Master of Deltan Telepathy
+ Rifle Marksmen
+ Creative Tactician

+/- Carefree Attitude
+/- Sarcastic
+/- Excessively Inquisitive

- Sensitive About Her Ears
- Prankster
- Questionable Reputation
- Can Sometimes Hold a Grudge
Hobbies & Interests - Lifts Weights
- Practices Vulcan Martial Arts
- Swims
- Spends Time With Her Son Bixs

Personal History Dayar was born in mid-2341, Earth calendar, on a Deltan commerce space station called Unity. Due to the off-world nature/location of the station and its location, this gave Dayar dual citizenship with Delta Prime and as a Federation colonist.

Her mother ran an antiquities shop on the station, while her father was the station’s ranking medical doctor. This meant she and her brother Hulpyn had a lot of freedom to run and play without supervision. It wasn’t until she was 7 that some of the human kids bullied her over her pointy ears.

When an older kid pulled the tip of her right ear so hard it drew blood, Dayar discovered she was stronger than them when she accidentally put the human child in the hospital. This display of aggression got her transferred to a Vulcan monastery on Pjem - where her Vulcan grandfather lived.

A few years of martial arts discipline and learning a few calming techniques saw her quickly mastering her anger. That, and she felt comfortable in her own body. However, when she returned home back to the station, she found she did not like the cramped, busy station life as she remembered.

While she and her brother continued to prank the provost marshal’s bullish children, Dayar focused mostly on her self-defense studies and physical training. The day after she returned, Dayar made a goal to enlist in Starfleet and that was that… until she entered her early teens. Dayar's parents introduced her to a prospective life-mate pod of Deltan teens from the homeworld.

Hurley, a young Deltan teen in the group, was the only reason she consented to join their life-mate pod. He accepted her for her desires and goals, while she was more than fine to support his love of holophotography. Both had a longing to explore and see the galaxy which to this day, remains a driving force of their relationship.

When Dayar was 16, she began talks with the sector’s Starfleet Enlistment Office to get an enlistment contract for Corpsmen (as it was the only rating that her parents were willing to sign an underage admission form for). Once she attained her grade school completion certifications, she took Hurley on as her primary life-mate (spouse) and reported to Starfleet Academy a few weeks later.

The first 2 years of her career had a few bumps here and there. Drunk tanks and parties, but altogether nothing too boneheaded. When she had shore leave, Dayar spent time with Hurley mostly. Though a few times a year she communed with the other members of her life-mate pod.

After her training and certifications were finished, she was posted to Rapid Response Team 4 (RRT4) as their primary medic. She was with them until the end of the Federation-Cardassian War. RRT4, in a nutshell, was not the greatest influence on her, as the men and women of RRT4 were known to be extremely wild.

Dayar's pranks were a welcome staple to the unit. More so between rough missions that often scarred them. The start of Dayar’s bad reputation started with her being wicked drunk during a surprise inspection of Outpost 94. While the mark is no longer on her service record, anyone who remembers her knows about the Flashing Incident.

The base CO, Lieutenant Kaleb Hobbs, lost a promotion due to Dayar drunkenly running through the operations center without her shirt. To this day, he has not forgotten, and the nickname of, The Flasher has stuck with her.

Dayar moved around a lot from posting to posting with the RRTs. That was the nature of the military. However, her assignments grew so terrible and dark to think upon that Dayar forced herself into a mindset to always find something to smile and laugh about.

Anytime she was home with her husband or her other life-mate pod members, she focused on them to keep the bad stuff out of her head. She might never have left Starfleet if not for the closing months of the Federation-Cardassian War.

Due to bad intel, her RRT unit was nearly wiped out, she came close to death, and Starfleet HQ felt they had to go through with the plan anyway due to an even larger trap set for the Cardassians. So... after Dayar recovered, she left Starfleet - or tried to.

The first year out, Dayar and Hurley tried to have a child but were unsuccessful. That, and she was also too jittery for retirement life. With Hurley's support, Dayar spent the next 2 years finishing her university credentials. She attained a Masters in Law Enforcement with a desire to serve once more.

After a very lengthy officer packet review and another 12 weeks of Officer Candidate School, Dayar was given an officer commission of Ensign. A few years later, she would learn that her readmission into Starfleet was due in large from Commadore Mary Kart - a science officer RRT4 once saved from a Cardassian prison camp.

Dayar remained Dayar - in that she still had fun with pranks and parties. But now she was more tactful and careful about her targets. Mostly. Once in a while, she could not let a snide comment go, and thus she would retaliate with colored dye showers or some other harmless prank.

It was not until her commanding officer of the Moyato suggested she try for a command that Dayar considered it. After her captain, Jason Manard gave her command of the night shift twice a week, she caught the bug and applied for command school.

Her son came into being by fuzzy drunken details during shore leave, early in Dominion War. A member of her life-mate pod, Indur was older and a bit of a jerk. Yet she drank more than she should that night, in order to deal with the horrors of the war… and found she was pregnant a month later.

Her career and her relationship with her son were both rocky. The latter was due to Indur’s insistence that her being on warships was a danger to their child and forced their life-mate pod to agree with him. So she rarely saw Bixs during his younger years and he had no desire to be with her.

It was not until Vice Admiral Mary Kart of the 4th Logistical Fleet went to bat for her with her recent command application, that Dayar was granted command of the USS Brie, and Indur dropped Bixs on her transporter pad.
Service Record November 7th, 2358| Reports to Starfleet Academy, Enlisted Campus for Basic Training

Feburary 9th, 2359| Graduates Basic Trianing as an E-1 (Crewmen 3rd Class)

March 17th, 2359| Reports to Starfleet Medical Campus for Corpsmen School.

August 5th, 2359| Graduates Corpsmen School. Promoted to E-2 (Crewmen 2nd Class). Short-listed to Become Rapid Response Team 4’s (RRT4) medic, pending Special Ops Training.

August 6th, 2359| Receives Orders to Report to Special Operations Training Center, Andor - for Intensified Corpsmen Combat School (ICCS).

August 25th, 2359| Begins ICCS.

March 3rd, 2360| Graduates ICCS with certifications and qualifications in Orbital Combat Jumping, Evasion & Survival Training, Zero-G Combat Training, and Land Warfare Training, Advanced Riflemen Certification. Promoted to E-3 (Crewmen 1st Class).

March 19th, 2360| Arrives to the Federation/Cardassian Boarder to Outpost 94. Joins up with RRT4 to begin her career as a Special Operations corpsmen.

September 23rd, 2360| Dayar and 3 other RRT4 Members are arrested for Drunk & Disorderly Conduct, For Wrecking Rear Admiral Baeran’s yacht into the lake, 1km from Outpost 94.

October 4th, 2360| Captain’s Mast Rule the RRT4 Members Guilty of the Charges. Sentenced 60 Hours Community Service, No Liberties For 4 Months, and 10 Days in the Brig.

May 12th, 2361| RRT4 is transfered to the boarder planet Galven IV, Outpost Murker.

July 7th, 2362| Promoted to E-4, Referred to Independent Duty Corpsmen School, Starfleet Medical Campus.

August 10th, 2362| Graduates IDC School, Promoted to E-5. Assigned to RRT13.

September 23rd, 2362| Reports in on the Nebula-Class USS Tesla - where RRT13 is stationed.

May 2nd, 2364| Receives a 2-Year Hardcoded letter of reprimand for water-ballooning visiting VIPs.

Janurary 3rd, 2366| RRT13 are ambushed on Cestus VII by a squad of Cardassian soldiers from the 3rd Order. Only 3 RRT13 members survive. Dayar is among them and injured severely.

March 7th, 2366| Awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Starfleet Cross for her actions on Cestus VII.

April 25th, 2366| Retires from Service.

August 12th, 2369| Finishes OCS (Officer Candidate School), Promoted to Ensign.

August 19th, 2369| Reports in to the Akira-Class USS Moyato as Assistant Security Chief.

August 19th, 2370| Promoted to Lieutenant JG

Janurary 9th, 2371| Arrives at Starfleet Academy, Advanced Leadership Campus for Command School.

March 12, 2372| Graduates Command School, Promoted to Lieutenant. Sent to the Akira-Class USS Boshida as Chief of Security and Second Officer.

April 5th, 2373| Receives a 2-year on-record Letter of Reprimand for improper use of the replicator system.

Mid 2373| Dominion War begins. Boshida is assigned to the 6th Fleet.

December 12th, 2373| Goes on Maternity Leave

April 4th, 2374| Returns From Maternity Leave, Appointed XO of the USS Boshida due to the previous XO’s death in second battle of the the Andor System.

Mid 2375| Dominion War ends. On the same day, Dayar and most of the bridge crew are put in the brig for 3 days for drunk and disorderly conduct during celebrations on Jupiter Station. Receives another 2-year reprimand on her record.

August 20th, 2380| Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

November 7th, 2385| Awarded Humanitarian Ribbon for rescue efforts performed on Mars Colony.

Feburary 12th, 2386| Ship Command application is denied by Starfleet HQ, owing to concern of Dayar’s frivolity.

April 3rd, 2388| Ship Command application approved via sponsorship of Vice Admiral Mary Kart, 4th Logistical Fleet. Assigned USS Brie NCC-76919 to command.
Medical Record November 7th 2358:
Issued her first monthly-refilled medical bracelet to regulate her hormones and neurotransmitters.

Janurary 3rd, 2366:
Suffered severe burn wounds on her left shoulder blade from Cardassian weapon fire. She also suffered a dislocation of the right knee from lugging five of her team members to safety. This required reconstruction and a month of rehab.

Janurary 7th, 2374:
Gave birth to a son, Bixs, with no known complications.

July 10th, 2381:
Seeks medical attention for inflammation of the right knee. Starts anti-inflammation drug therapy and begins once-a-week physical therapy to prevent debilitating arthritis from the injury she sustained in 2366.