Brie strives to offer a stress-free, fun environment for players to take part in. As such, there are a few areas of policy to cover.

Standard Player Practices and Policies

Section 1: Activity

* All players are expected to post no less than 2 times a month.
* All players are expected to post an LOA/ELOA or notify the Command Staff if they feel they are unable to temporarily commit to this requirement.

Section 2: Player Conduct

Due to many issues in the past, running other Sims, Brie will handle player conflicts on a case-by-case basis, rather than a traditional strike policy. Below are official stances the Command Staff have decided to make:

* Intentional acts to harass, sabotage, or disrespect other players are prohibited. As such, the Command Staff have the right to expel members on the first offense, should the intentional action disrupt the community.
* People from all walks of life are welcome to join this Sim. As a result, intolerance of someone's race, identity, religion, and personal beliefs is prohibited.
* Brie demands players respect each other at all times. Failure to do so will result in a Command Staff review. This review will establish the severity of the offense and if a player will be allowed to continue in the sim.

Section 3: Player Conflict Resolution

* Command Staff are more than happy to help resolve issues between players. However, if the situation is very trivial and easily resolved between the parties involved, we highly recommend players choose this option first.
* In the event a situation erupts and a player needs the Command Staff to intervene, we ask the plaintiff to file a report with the Command Staff, with evidence and a suggested outcome. After which the Command Staff will take no more than 72 hours to review the incident and make our ruling.

Section 4: Writing Etiquette

With the number of brand new Nova players and players new to writing-based RPGs in general, the Command Staff felt the need to establish a few JP (aka Join-Post) courtesies we expect each player of our community to extend with each other.

* Post Deletions are only allowed when Everyone on the JP agrees to delete them.
* Before a JP is posted (Post button on Nova), All players involved should be consulted before the JP goes live.
* Live Joint-Post Edits involving grammar and descriptive changes are welcome, so long as the essence of the live-post is not changed. Furthermore, if you wish to make changes that affect other characters' players, you need to consult them before doing so.
* Centering every JP around your character is bad writing and bad gameplay. JPs should have equal responsibilities and equal moments of glories and failures.
* Players need to be aware of Metagaming (forcing a plot one way because you know what's supposed to happen). Even if you don't like where a plot is headed, it's just as important characters are allowed to be perceived badly and fail.

Actively trying to damage control perceptions of your character(s) when the actions go against how your character is designed, is metagaming. Taking glories from other players' characters is Godmodding, but also metagaming, and selfish.

At the end of the day, we are a writing community. If you JP with someone, you need to be willing to share the spotlight and do so with the highest level of writing integrity and gameplay.

Failure to abide by these simple writing etiquette rules will find you annexed of many writing opportunities due to mistrust, or worse... expunged from the community for unfair gameplay and causing enough ruckus to be disruptive.

Section 5: Discord Conduct

Brie has decided to use a laidback role system for our discord. However, there are a few rules and standards people need to adhere to while on our Discord server.

1) Senior Staff (AGM) and Command Staff (CO-GMs) maintain and moderate the Discord server. If a Command Staff is off-line, Senior Staff have the full confidence of our Command Staff. Therefore, their rulings and judgements must be respected.

2) If people wish to move from the Writer's Comms to the Editor's Den to avoid a lot of social cross-chatter, this should be respected.

Brie does not wish the voice comm rooms to be used as a means of total segregation from others (though it's unlikely that'll happen). However, where cross-chatter is concerned, some people have issues processing conversations when multiple people are talking all at once.

3) And just like our Nova site, our Discord server does require our members to be courteous and respectful to everyone.